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Shop T&C

Space Cake Currency Conversion

Use the Currency Converter to select the different currency on the right hand side of the pages, while your looking at items in my Shop —->

1 ∞Kindness Credit = 8 Slave Tokens

Slave Tokens are FIAT Currency

Pounds £, $ Dollars, € Euro, for example.

All my costs and prices of items in my shop are rounded off/up to create a clean conversion from Pounds to Kindness Credits, there is no pence £0.00p or ∞kinds in my shop, only whole numbers in £pounds.

Example: An item that is 2 ∞KC = £16.00

For Example, a Yoga Strap is £8 or 1 ∞KC, but when you add it to your basket, and convert the total cost to kindness credits using my InStore Conversion Buttons to the Right —> You will see that the cost of the item you are purchasing, is cheaper in ∞KC than it is in £pounds. By using a simple calculator on your computer or phone.

Example in Screenshots…

a) 1 Yoga Strap in Slave Tokens = £8.00

1 Yoga Strap in Slave Tokens

b) 1 Yoga Strap in KC = ∞0.9kinds

1 Yoga Strap in ∞KC

c) 2 Yoga Straps in KC = ∞KC1.8

2 Yoga Straps in ∞KC

d) 2 Yoga Straps in ∞KC = ∞KC1.8 with calculator showing the conversion: ∞KC1.8 x 8 = £14.4

Calculator showing the KC conversion

e) 2 Yoga Straps at £8.00 each = £16.00 Slave Tokens, Checkout Price using Slave Tokens is 10% More Expensive than Using Kindness Credits

See my video showing you the conversion in action here. (coming soon)

Slave token Increments: £8 | £16 | £24 | £32 | £40 | £48 | £56 | £64 | £72 | £80 | £88 | £96 | £104 | £112 | £120 | £128 | £136 | £144 | £152 | £160

£8.00 = ∞KC1 / 8 Slave Tokens equals 1 Kindness Credit

∞KC1 = £8.00 / 1 Kindness Credit equals 8 Slave Tokens

So how do I get my kindness credits I hear you ask?

So then next thing you need to do, is to convert your Slave Tokens into ∞KC, buy either Crediting my Kindness Credit account, or purchasing store credit or a Space Cake ∞KC Gift Card.

The way that Kindness Credits works, is like any other nonFIAT currency like Digital Currencies, Crypto, BitCoin, Blockchain, or any other Currency and or Medium of Exchange.

I convert your slave tokens into Kindness Credits.

Why? I hear you ask…

Kindness Credits take away the 10% TAX, DEBT and YOUR Slavery that is attached to that FIAT Currency.

The POS or ‘Point of Sale’ is where ‘they’ (the evil overlords) take their 10% or more in taxes and administration charges, and that debt and slavey, the unnecessary extra debt and administration, is then passed on to the next person that you either work for to attain your slave tokens, or whoever you then transact with, using those slave tokens, because you need to pass on the 10% (or more) debt using your slavery to be able to afford the tax and debt that is attached to every slave token and transaction you make.


You really want to buy the curtains that I have on my website for £100, or you want to commission me to make some for you.

Before you can buy those curtains from me, you need to go out and do some slavery to earn your slave tokens, so you can come back here and pay me with those slave tokens.

If I charge you in Slave Tokens the price is more expensive than it is in Kindness Credits, because there is DEBT and SLAVERY and TAX attached to the FIAT currency that you are paying me with.

If I charge you in Kindness Credits, then the price is 10% Cheaper or more (depending on if we barter or if you also have your own Kindness Credit Account) and therefore you don’t need to do as much slavery as you thought, and there is less debt and slavery and tax attached to that currency or being passed on to me.

If I charge you in Kindness Credits the Point of Sale is completed in a currency that cannot be taxed, has no 10% administration charge attached to it, because you have converted your slave tokens to a currency that is backed by Kindness and NOT slavery and has no debt attached to it.

Kindness has no TAX attached to it

Kindness has no DEBT attached to it

Kindness has no SLAVERY attached to it

Kindness Credit / Slave Token Conversion, Basket, Buttons and Checkout

The Currency Converter, shown in the BIG BUTTONS on the right side of my website show the prices in both;

∞ KC – Kindness Credits & £ Pounds Stirling.

These buttons are for showing you the currency conversion only.

Only the £ Pound Option to pay in that Currency, will actually work when you go to check out and ‘pay’

Kindness Credits is not yet available to use as a registered FIAT currency, and it never will. Because Kindness Credits represent something that ‘they’ will never be able to tax or use in the game of banking.

If you click pay and CHECK OUT in the shopping basket, and you have ∞ KC Kindness Credit selected as a currency… YOU WILL STILL PAY THE NORMAL PRICE IN SLAVE TOKENS AND IT WILL BE 10% MORE EXPENSIVE THAN THE SHOWN PRICE IN KINDNESS CREDITS

My conversion is just a VISUAL CONVERSION.

You must CONVERT your slave tokens FIRST then CHECK OUT, by using the ∞KC Currency Converter as store credit.

Kindness Credits – Currency Converter – We Are the Creditors

To transact with Kindness Credits in My Shop you have 3 options;

Deposit Slave Tokens into my ∞KC Holding Account

Convert your Slave Tokens to KC using the ∞KC Currency Converter in my Shop

Meet me in person and we will do the exchange using ∞KC Rocks

  • To place an order using ∞KC you convert your Slave Tokens into Kindness Credits and then redeem your newly converted ∞KC Space Cake Gift Card or Store Credit inside My Shop. This way you are using a ‘Slavery to Kindness’ transaction
  • You can deposit your Slave Tokens (£,$,¢) etc… into my Kindness Credit Holding Account, as soon as the Slave Tokens are converted into ∞KC Kindness Credits and I can see my KC account is credited, I will then confirm your order and we can proceed.
  • You can also place your order using your own ∞KC Kindness Credits transferring to my ∞KC Kindness Credit Account, this is a Kindness to Kindness conversion.

My ∞KC Account reference is 19601476

Slave Tokens – Debt Slavery Administration – We (you) are the Debtor

To pay with Slave Tokens in My Shop you have 3 options;

  • You can pay with £ Pound Stirling using Bank Transfer to my Slave Token Account
  • You can pay in £ Pound Stirling – Cash Slave Tokens, in person
  • You can pay via paypal – digital currency converter – ‘PAY AGAIN‘ which means ‘they’ get more taxes, and those taxes and extra administration charges are then passed on to my costs, causing me more debt and slavery, which makes my services more expensive, which is what we are trying to get away from isn’t it? 😉 paypal is the last resort or option, thank you.

All transactions, no matter which currency is used will be recorded in my Ledger and you will receive an invoice in your chosen currency, so you can input to your Ledger.

KC Conversions will produce a receipt or KC Space Cake Gift Card with a code to redeem for any orders placed in my shop.

Contact Me

If you have any questions about the Terms and Conditions, Using Kindness Credits or Slave Tokens, You can contact me via:

Space Cake