Community Learn/Teach Sewing Courses

Community Learn/Teach Sewing Courses

Please use the form below to make your contribution and register.

Your contribution amount is entirely up to you, how much can you afford?

The full price of the course is £1000 for a 5 day course.

The course wont start until the £1000 + the venue hire costs and my travel costs has been reached.

I will create a separate fund raising form for any venue costs, and my travel. There are plenty of spaces in Bristol that can be used, my Home is too small for more than 2 or 3 of us working together. If you know of any venues, community centres, office spaces that would be suitable, then please let me know so we can start to plan and book.

See the Classes Page for my timetable and when the up and coming Course Dates can be booked… I do lots of other work, so my timetable is split between Sewing, Yoga Teaching and Web Design.

Bring your friends and family, spread the cost and get our community involved.

  • Example 1: You, student No1 can afford £200, and student No2 can afford £350, students No3, 4 and 5 can only afford £100 each, so far £850 has been reached.
  • Only £150 is outstanding from the course fees, together we promote and share the course, until the final amount of £150 is collected, and then we’re good to go.

Your involvement and support in promoting and marketing the course is just as important as my efforts to fill spaces on the course, along with my prepping and planning for the course, together we fill the spaces and then the date can be set.

You Decide, You Help to make it Happen 🙂

Together we create a Learn/Teach Community and enable everyone, no matter what income you have to be able to join us in the learning and teaching process.

Ive created the name ‘Community Learn/Teach Contribution’ During the process of teaching and learning everyone benefits.

  • Maximum 10 Students per Sewing Course, this enables each student to get the full benefit of my teaching, because as we all know, small class sizes equal better learning experiences for everyone.
  • You will need to have your OWN Sewing Machine for this course, I only have 2, and I will let you know if any other sewing materials will be needed, but I have much to spare 😉

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