Interior Design

London Home Decor

My home in London was a state when I moved in, over 4 years I decorated and transformed every room, wall, ceiling, floors, wood work, stairs and every surface with bright and beautiful colours.

A huge mission, the house hadn’t been decorated for decades. All the paints were from the Forest repaint project in Walthamstow. The whole house including a new bath, cost me about £300 to complete.

  • Bath From Ebay, £5.00
  • Plumber and new bath fittings, £150.00
  • Paint for the whole house over 4 years, £100
  • Lino and Wood for shelves and random building materials, £50.00 ish

Bristol Home Decor

This is still a work in progress, in the last 2 years I have transformed the whole of the upstairs of the house, redecorated and transformed a dull and tired looking 3 rooms, and turned them into bright and colourful delights.

I have also started work in the garden, with plans to build and make myself a garden workshop this year, and I have been busy making lots of soft furnishings for all the windows and doors around the house.

So far I have spent around £35.00 on paints, all found from the local Paint Reuse project at the Sofa Project in Bristol.

Space Cake