About Space Cake

Seamstress, Teacher, Yoga Teacher, Web Designer and All round Creative Busy Body!

Miss Cake, Me, is a an artist, in all kinds of ways of creating things, and Space Cake came about after being offered a place on a sewing course in 2014.

Initially Space Cake was called Hipsy Gypsy, and that name came about because I decided I wanted to focus on making soft furnishings for Live in Vehicles and the Travelling Community. It turned out that Hipsy Gypsy is a name thats been used by many an artist already, and so I decided to rebrand myself and chose Space Cake because I love all things sci fi and robots and space related and Cake is my name šŸ˜‰

I have been a web designer for just over 20 years, I have been a teacher for 13 years, and I have always worked on computers since studying at university. After completing the sewing course I found I had a love of using my hands again, feeling the fabrics, and not being on a computer all the time! I had forgotten what it was like to use my hands and my body, because making curtains and sewing is actually quite physical. Many years of being unwell with bad hips and back, meant computer work was ok to do. But after a big operation on my hip, and then a few more small ones over the last 10 years, I was able to do the work like sewing again, as the pain subsided and I got fitter and healthier.

The sewing course came along at just the right time, a time when I was ready to re-train and start putting to use some of the many sewing things I had inherited from my Mother 11 years ago. I missed about 1/3rd of the sewing course, due to my health, I was still in pain some days, but I managed to learn enough, and since then practice what I have learned and each day I sew, and each new soft furnishing I make, my sewing skills just get better and better.

Shortly after completing my sewing course, I then went on to do a Yoga Teacher Training course, already being a trained teacher, I thought it would be just like learning a new skill to add to my skills to teach instead of Digital Media Arts. But Yoga Teaching is a whole nother journey, and I started the course as a bit of a beginner, and so found it quite hard. I am still honing my skills at the Yoga, so I only teach that part time, and so far only really at festivals, some zoom Yoga is on the cards tho, as the world has gone mad and dissapeaed into cyber land! So while I’m also doing that I will be focusing on making the Yoga Props and Soft Furnishings, until I get more confident with the Yoga. Having balance in your life is essential, so a bit of this, and bit of that, with a bit of the other thrown in makes for a happy Cake! šŸ˜‰

I have always loved colour, I have always loved fabrics, and I have had recycling drilled into me since childhood, so collecting fabrics, saving any old bit of fabric and random vintage clothes, along with what I inherited from my Mother has given me a huge pile, and shelves and boxes and tins and bags of stuff just ready to be made into something new šŸ˜‰ I love it, and I cant wait to make something for you! šŸ™‚ x

Space Cake